Young Poets                                                

Stratford Literary Festival 2020

This book contains poems from children and young adults aged between 5 - 21. I wanted to represent the many voices that were fetaured in this book as well as capture elements of Stratford .e.g. The river avon . There are two poetry celebrities hidden in the crowd.

Home Forum

Falmouth University

Illustration : Amy Higgins
Graphic Design: Ashley Killen

I was asked to create a visual identity for a forum at Falmouth University. The talks would be on the subject on the ecological crisis with guest speakers from the designers behind the Extinction Rebellion branding. I collaborated with graphic designer, Ashley Killen on the typography and design.

Dr Martens

Illustrator: Amy Higgins
Designer: Ashley Killen

A collaboration with designer Ashley Killen. Insired by our Cornish  surroundings and my favourite boots, we wanted to create a poster that would inspire people to get out more.

Party Animals

Illustration in celebrating the new year.


A collaboration with One Mile End Brewery and House of Cans. Printed on limited edition of ONE MILE END BREWERY IPA Beer. I had some fun creating these mysterious critters that wanted to come out of the woodwork for a cheeky tipple.